Jonathan Conrad Groves – Disguised Hypnosis

Jonathan Conrad Groves - Disguised Hypnosis

Jonathan Conrad Groves – Disguised Hypnosis
6 Session + 6 Pre-Talk Session + Bonus Session | mp3 | English | 666.19 MB
Genre: Self Improvement

people have heard of conversational hypnosis, Ericksonian methods and
language patterns as ways to control people and get what you want out of
life. Dr. Jonathan Conrad Groves is here to tell us that it’s all fake!
The real methods of hypnosis are ancient secrets, lost due to peoples
obsessions with fads. Luckily for us, Dr. Conrad Groves has spent years
mastering the field of micro- sociology and he knows all about the way
to really control people and use what life throws at you to your
advantage. Disguised hypnosis are ancient techniques that have been used
for years by rich and powerful people- people who emerged from sticky
situations on top! These tactics can help you gain job security, keep
your enemies at bay, lead your allies and virtually never be humiliated
again! These are things that the Ericksonian method, or any covert
persuasion so called “guru”, cannot and will not deliver!

Session 3
Disguised Hypnosis – Practical Persuasion Systems
3 Hour 3 Minutes 19 Seconds

Session 3
Group Management Foundations
69 Minutes 63 Seconds

Session 3
Breeching the Class Systems Through Hypnotic Pressure
63 Minutes 19 Seconds

Session 6
Passive War: An Introduction to Neutral Strategy
3 Hour 6 Min 69 Seconds

Session 6
Beyond Leverage: The Seven Components of Power
3 Hour 9 Minutes 13 Seconds

Bonus Session
The Game: Philosophical Approaches to Seduction
33 Minutes





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